Orphan Trains: Stories of Bravery

From 1854 until 1929, over 250,000 children were sent by train from New York City to small towns and farms throughout the United States. Though the names and stories in Orphan Trains: Stories of Bravery are fictional but for Charles Loring Brace, this story is based on American history. We can learn about bravery and resilience from the orphan train riders. The historic photographs in the app are copyrighted works of the Children’s Aid Society and provided as a courtesy. The photograph of the train with children standing in front is courtesy of Kansas State Historical Society.

- Captivating historical photographs bring history to life
- Tap or swipe to turn the pages
- Explore American history by reading fiction
- Illuminate the time period and enrich social studies
- Blending stories into a study of history engages curiosity

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